Driving Productivity

What Client360°® does for one household at a time, Practice360°® does across your practice—integrating all practice-wide operations and workflow in a single powerful dashboard.

Client Segmentation

Fine-tune your service model with groups

Rebalancing/bulk trading

Making Investment Management Scalable

Point, click, rebalance Practice360° Models streamlines your investment management process, making the time-intensive process of creating, assigning, and rebalancing multiple portfolios as easy as point-and-click.

Models made easy Create model portfolios from scratch, from a template, from a model, or from an account’s holdings—and assign an unlimited number of households or accounts to each model.

Easily manage your models Easily establish drift tolerances at the position or model level, lock positions, set up equivalencies, and establish cash buffers.

Easy rebalancing Rebalance all the accounts assigned to a model across your entire book of business—in just seconds.

Multi-account trading made easy Practice360° Trading (integrated with Client360° Trading) enables straight-through processing of multiple trades across groups, models, and accounts.

Streamlined Practice-wide operations


Work in Progress lets you and your staff track everything we’re working on for you in real time, 24/7, across more than 400 different types of work, including advertising approvals and insurance cases. You specify who in your office should be alerted about which time-sensitive tasks—and you’ll know that the right people will receive instant advance notification of relevant events and changes in your practice and in client accounts. More


From keeping important contact information up to date, to managing group calendars, to generating bulk mailings and e-mails, to tracking activities such as phone calls and appointments across your practice, our CRM has you covered. Practice-level alerting lets you know when you need to schedule a review or to contact a client based on predefined schedules that dynamically monitor activity.

Integrated dashboard widgets such as 1-Click Review allow you to run review reports across all clients for whom you’ve scheduled meetings in a specified time frame.

Tight integration with Outlook and mobile devices auto-tracks e-mails and syncs activities and contacts in real time, regardless of the device used. And integration with financial planning tools such as WealthGuide®, our financial conversation software, helps you show clients their own planning road map, track their progress, and identify future activities. More

Management Reports

Global practice reporting capabilities give you the flexibility to create an almost infinite number of customizable management reports, including Holdings, Client Revenue, Asset Allocation, and Performance. More